How and Why I Quit Coffee The Cold Turkey Way


I managed to survive without a single cup of coffee in the last 7 days, that too on a week that had just so much work that I could not even post major updates on Social media as of yet.

I must admit I had become quite a coffee addict recently, and I needed coffee whenever I had to work otherwise I felt like I was always on a brain freeze. Especially for places where I was doing the choreography, I would reach the location and reach out for the coffee and only then sit to start the rehearsals. People who have danced with me know the ultimate level of brain freeze I go into if I didn’t have my coffee.

It was turning into quite a nasty habit, and I was fearing it was an addiction and a dependency without which I thought I could not be efficient. Coffee is not really an “addiction” like alcohol or smoking, but I had started feeling the same level of dependency that smokers or drinkers have. Coffee would give me instant burst of energy for a while, but it would get followed by this dip of energy where I would need to reach out for another cup of coffee instead. I would feel anxious and my heart rate would increase everytime I had coffee. I started feeling like I wasn’t calm anymore. And more and more I realised I was in need of the calm and peace in life.

My anxiety levels post coffee is very much in control, I don’t have major spikes and dips in my energy levels, I am not groggy all the time. I wake up in the morning these days and have a much better idea of what I need to do with my day.

Coffee actually could be a good drink for you, but not the way that I made my life depend on it. I don’t know if I will reach out for that cup of coffee anytime soon (since I am worried that dependency might come back, and weirdly I don’t feel like having a cup of coffee anymore), but with those crazy withdrawal symptoms of smelling coffee even if there wasn’t any around, I feel actually more fresh and awake after a week despite the coffee. That made me realise that if I could quit coffee (which at one point I thought was impossible, but a week later I am feeling very recovered and empowered), I think we can get rid of any habit if we REALLY want to.

Forget gradual changes, wake up one morning and decide for yourself. And we are set.

I don’t think the idea of gradual changes work for me, its like one time cut off and thats it. That works better for the will power.

I am uploading my first #letstalkaboutthis video tonight where I have talked about certain aspects of self improvements and my struggle in life as well.

I had a lot of fun filming this video. I also created my first dance tutorial video, something I had been thinking about for years, but I finally managed to conquer the fear of talking live on camera. I shall upload this soon after I upload the #letstalkaboutthis video.

See you very soon.


Priya Kumar


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